These Have a More Narrow Roll-Up Door Than The Standard Portable Garage.

Portable Mini Garages

What’s that you say? You don’t need a garage because you are storing a car or truck, but you sure like the idea of a roll-up door? Then the Mini-Garage is just perfect for you!  It’s got a more narrow roll-up door that’s perfect for ATVs, lawn tractors, motorcycles, or anything else that’s a little smaller than a car. Even though the door is smaller, the floor is still re-inforced to handle the extra weight of a car, so there or no worries about durability. The Mini-Garage is a perfect fit for those looking for a little more than a shed.


  • Rafter and stud connecting in double top plate.
  • Roof assembly with steel hat channel.
  • Bolt connection to double top plate.
  • Corner bolt connection on vaulted wall building.
  • Clip connection to bottom plate.
  • Rigid T-Wall bracing.
  • 4” bottom plate bolt connection.
  • 4” lag bolt connecting crossmember to skid.
  • Accu-steel corner bracing.
  • Accu-steel rigid roof frame sections.
  • Roof connection to side and end wall.
  • Solid 4×4 door lintel.
  • Wood frame buildings is constructed using #1 Southern Yellow Pine lumber.
  • 2 x 6′s nailed together at the base structure or floor skids.
  • Solid 4 x 6′s that are precision trimmed and tapered for all floor skids.
  • 23/32 treated plywood on floor cross members.
  • Walls are assembled with 2 x 4’s placed 24” on centers standard.
  • Double 2 x 4 Top Plate on all walls, connected with bolts.
  • Walls are connected to the floor structure with 4″ lag bolts placed every 16 inches.


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